Urban Museum of Augmented Narrative Installations

The project “UMANI” proposes an urban, open-space, interactive museum with renewable artworks, aiming the revitalization of public urban space and the attraction of high-quality tourism. This is a proposal that understands public space and time as inseparable. Time is of the most importance, because to be public the space has to preexist and live after us, as Hannah Arendt said. Therefore, it works upon the palimpsest of the urban historical places and revitalizes lost and erased moments in time through multisensorial, interactive and often intangible installations. The interweaving of present and past is attempted through the construction of a narration that overlays past upon present by staging historical facts, traditions and legends, artistically reinterpreted. Thus, an augmented, immersive, intelligent environment is configured, where different moments in time and different options of reality are merged.

This scenery of constructed events based on cutting edge technologies applied in multisensorial artistic installations will produce a transformable, dreamlike atmosphere thanks to the incorporation of immaterial-digital and material-analog elements. With barely touching the material reality of the urban space and without really affecting those not willing to participate, this immaterial, high-aesthetic open museum introduces responsive environments in urban spaces through the construction of a narrative, that adopts strategies of thematisation and spectacle so as to submerge the subject in a totalizing, dreamlike experience.